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Cloud-native pricing and billing applications that help banks design and launch hyper-personalized offerings while improving time-to-market, TCO, and ensuring enhanced security.

SunTec Xelerate on IBM Platform

IBM has teamed with SunTec to enable financial institutions to accelerate their digital transformation journey and drive business growth.

SunTec Xelerate Integrated with IBM Systems & Platforms

Progressively modernize digital banking and accelerate channel transformation journey with a trusted, scalable solution that delivers seamless contextual experience.

Design and launch highly personalized products and roll out customer-centric pricing models for dynamic customer segments.

Integrate seamlessly with existing core banking and customer engagement systems.
Connect “systems of record” and “systems of interaction” on one system, thereby enhancing performance and operating efficiency.
Deliver resilience with a service-level agreement of 99.999% availability.
Gain the ability to consolidate hundreds, and possibly more than a thousand x86 cores, onto a single IBM Z® and LinuxONE platform and reduce costs by up to 40% in three years, versus x86 servers2.

SunTec Xelerate has been successfully verified by AWS Foundational Technical Review (FTR) (a detailed technical and architectural review) and we are now a part of the AWS ISV Accelerate Program, a global co-sell support program. The FTR confirms SunTec Xelerate’s security, reliability, operational excellence, speed, and functionality.

Our products and solutions leverage AWS’ platform capabilities for cloud and SaaS deployments. With this partnership, banks can capitalize on our cloud-native pricing, billing, and revenue management products on a resilient and scalable AWS cloud environment to improve customer experience and revenue growth. This partnership will help banks like yours to accelerate your journey to hyper personalization with enhanced scalability, security, and compliance.

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Bank on AWS Cloud Capabilities with SunTec Xelerate

Offer innovative solutions at a faster pace with lower costs, and create unparalleled customer experiences

  • Stay functionally up to date with SunTec’s latest features and functionalities via timely auto releases.
  • Improve customer experiences by hyper-personalizing products and offers while plugging revenue leakages.
  • Accelerate time-to-market and reduce cost of creating and launching new products and services.
  • Effectively monetize ecosystems by accelerating sales through partners.
  • Optimize digital transformation initiatives by replacing multiple disparate billing systems and generate consolidated bills.
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How Can Your Bank Benefit?

Multi Cloud Extensibility 1

Multi-Cloud Extensibility

SunTec SaaS on AWS is enabled with standard extensions and services that allow organizations with multiple cloud platforms within their existing infrastructure to operate with SunTec Xelerate and without incurring any functional limitations or maintenance overheads.

Flexibility 1

Flexible Deployment Models

 Suntec Xelerate components are stateless in nature and is cloud architecture compliant. The application can be deployed on AWS supported container orchestration models like EKS, ECS, and OpenShift. SunTec Xelerate also provides the flexibility to opt for Oracle or PostgreSQL as the database option.

On Demand Scalability 1

On-Demand Scalability

Our cloud infrastructure is enabled with vertical and horizontal scalability which facilitates auto-scalability to solve for any workload fluxes and respond immediately to client demands.

High Availability 1

High Availability

The native open architecture of our platform supports industry-standard features such as clustering, load-balancing, fail-over and hybrid to ensure high-availability.

Easy Migration 1

Easy Migration

SunTec Xelerate can be deployed on public or private clouds and can switch between deployment models based on the organization’s business priority and preference.

Enhanced Security 1

Enhanced Security

Our platform is GDPR-ready, SSO Compliant with Oauth, SAML specifications and adheres to ISO 27001 and SoC-2 guidelines. In addition, the dedicated security team ensures comprehensive treatment of information security through periodic vulnerability assessment and penetration testing cycles and, thereby, enforce data confidentiality and integrity.

Cost Optimization 1

Cost Optimization

Deploying SunTec Xelerate on cloud requires minimum upfront infrastructure investment and zero depreciation or renewal costs.

Collaborative Framework 1

Collaborative Framework

SunTec Xelerate is a low code, no-code platform with an open architecture and standard extensions to ensure seamless integration and interoperability. It is built to operate and collaborate effectively in multi-application, multi-cloud ecosystems.

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