Xelerate® helps enhance customer relationships and efficiency through differential and automated pricing

Most corporations have a customer-centric pricing structure in the current times. More so with customers becoming digital and thereby having more choices. To increase stickiness, pricing have become more context-specific with dozens of parameters coming in to play. This has also increased the complexity of pricing operations.

More than 40 companies have used Xelerate® to enable differential pricing in real-time based on several parameters to provide them with context-specific offers at the right time, price and location. By analysing customer and transaction data in real-time business users are equipped to implement, simulate and launch multiple pricing strategies that help the organisation achieve its business objectives.

Get an improved share of wallet

Xelerate® enables you to proactively cross-sell relevant bundles and offers to your customers thereby enhancing loyalty and customer stickiness. Using Xelerate, you can provide dynamic pricing to your customers based on their product usage

Personalized pricing is inherently customer-centric and caters to the needs of the customer in that moment. This can be based on any parameter like location, age, other products used, etc. or conditional as part of a logic. This is fully automated, so the price is automatically applied according to the context.


Increase operational efficiency

With Xelerate® you can automate the complete pricing process and concentrate on your core business rather than day to day operations

Business users are able to calculate, review and modify fee schemes across customer and product hierarchy with ease. The pricing model can be flexible enough to be based on transaction, channel or time. Even after the transactions is over, in case of an error, trasaction suspension, reprocessing and re-pricing are extremely easy.

With Xelerate® pricing, you can trust us to keep the gears turning while you build your business

Plan, measure and correct

Xelerate® offers intuitive dashboards which allow you to plot pricing strategies ahead of launching them. Predictive analytics, coupled with what-if analysis allows you to understand the impact of any pricing strategy on the revenue and profitability.

Once set up, our dashboards allow you to monitor how the products perform under specific strategies to obtain insights on which of them are working. This allows you to course-correct if necessary.

Complete transparency and control

One of the main challenges for organizations today is gaining customer trust and transparency of fees and charges are quoted as one of the main drivers of trust.

Xelerate® allows complete break down of each and every charge within each product or service. This way, the customer knows exactly why he incurred a certain fee. With Xelerate®, multi-perspective pricing to compute fees for clients and partners from a single transaction is also possible bringing in further value to the overall ecosystem

Trusted by the best companies

Implementation of SunTec’s product Xelerate® helped us understand our customers and our pricing better. With SunTec’s expertise we were able to offer flexible pricing to our customers, plug revenue leakage and increase revenue.

Mr. Reinhard Furthmayr
SVP & Head-Financial Institutions, Products & Marketing at Commerzbank

See how Xelerate® can help your pricing

With the help of relationship-based pricing, one of the largest banks in South Africa was able to achieve a growth of 100,000 customers in just 6 months