Demystifying the Buzz around BaaS

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For decades, banks have provided their corporate and retail customers with several services. So why is there so much buzz around Banking-as-a-Service (“BaaS”) now?

The onset of BaaS has broadened the scope of banks becoming a part of larger ecosystems from the ones they typically operate in. It has allowed banks to tap into newer customer segments, make their services accessible to a larger audience, offer innovative solutions with partners, and open new revenue streams.

97% of banks are building a partner ecosystem for digital banking, with the main objective of offering innovative products/services.

This eBook aims to answer questions such as what BaaS is, why it is important, why some banks find it hard to embrace BaaS and what banks can do to move forward on their BaaS journeys.

In this eBook, discover more about:

  • Why BaaS is the way for banks to reinvent the banking value chain
  • Revenue opportunities that banks can monetize to grow profitably
  • How can banks seamlessly orchestrate a BaaS ecosystem

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