Open Banking - Are Banks Ready to Seize the Opportunity? FT Live Global Banking Summit

Watch this exclusive on-demand discussion from FT Live Global Banking Summit about the world of open banking and its window of opportunities. Listen to our Founder and CEO, Nanda Kumar, along with Ather Williams, Senior Executive Vice President, Head of Strategy, Digital Platforms and Innovation at Wells Fargo, Noor Menai, President and CEO at CTBC Bank Corp, USA, and Imani Moise, US Banking Correspondent, Financial Times. Key takeaways from the discussion:
  • In a time of collaboration and coopetition sparked by open banking, how can banks truly own customer experience?
  • How to define a partner from a potential competitor?
  • What are the numerous opportunities of growth that open banking presents and how banks can tap into them?
  • A look into the banking landscape across global markets and what industry leaders have to say about them.
Watch the session