October 24-27, 2021

We are at booth 3816


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The banking landscape has witnessed a seismic shift over the last 20 months – with customers’ demands rising and an accelerated pace of digitization. Banks have had to recalibrate their strategies to remain relevant to customers – offering personalization, enhanced control, transparency, and a seamless customer experience.

We’re thrilled to be at Money 20/20 this year in partnership with IBM.

Come, discover our customer-centric solutions that enable you to deliver value. Offer your customers personalized prices, products, offers and more. Monetize your ecosystems and enhance your revenue with an intelligent middle layer solution that augments your core.

Discover Our Solutions

With SunTec’s presence at the Global Banking Summit this year,

SunTec Relationship-based Pricing

Emerging patterns in customer behavior call for relationship-driven pricing models. Know your customers better, get a unified relationship view of your customers, and enable value exchange based on the relationship your customers share with you.

SunTec Enterprise Billing and Statement Management

Implement a centralized, enterprise-wide billing solution and effectively plug revenue leakage with accurate and automated billing capabilities.

SunTec Ecosystem Management and Monetization

Embrace the open banking economy and monetize your partner ecosystems.

SunTec Personalization Solution

Dynamically respond to customer needs in real-time with personalized offerings that are contextual and relevant.

Meet our Experts at Booth 3816

Come, meet our leaders, and discover our award-winning cloud-enabled technology solutions that enable value exchange in a digitally driven world.


Senior Vice President, Sales – Americas

Nanda is responsible for new business development and engagement management across the American market. He has over two decades of experience working across industries and expertise in selling pricing, billing and revenue management software.


Senior Consultant

Nikhil is based in Toronto, Canada and is responsible for Presales and Solution Consulting for SunTec’s business across the Americas. As a solution expert he loves to provide solutions to solve client problems and believes that a complex problem can be solved using micro/ bite sized solutions. Looking forward to connecting with like-minded people and organizations.


Sales Director

Amrit has been instrumental in helping banking and financial institutions to meet their business objectives through innovative technology solutions. He has been with SunTec for three years and partnered with multiple financial institutions in North America to effectively leverage SunTec’s Xelerate capabilities. Money 20/20 is all about innovation and I am looking forward to meeting and networking.


Director of Sales and Engagement Management

Sam is based in Pittsburgh, responsible for SunTec’s new business development and engagement management across the North American market. He has experience helping organizations reimagine banking in a customer driven world with personalization, ecosystem monetization and core modernization.


Today convenience, speed, and security are becoming hygiene factors in banking, while “real-time”, “personalization” and “advice” are increasingly becoming important components of customer-driven banks. Discover how to become a customer-driven bank.


The relationship between banks and their customers has evolved over the past decade, thanks to technology-driven innovations.

By allowing banks to leverage third party applications to expand their product ortfolios, open banking opens the doors to limitless innovation.

Banks around the world have been buffeted by a combination of forces exerted by customers, competitors, and regulators.