March 9, 2023
Four Seasons Hotel The Westcliff, Johannesburg

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Globally, banks are redefining strategies to become customer owners. They are building a diverse partner ecosystem, providing personalized experiences by dynamically segmenting customers, and focusing on ESG. Banks in South Africa are no different and are looking for ways to increase their customer base and provide an enhanced banking experience.  Their future and growth trajectory is similar as they look to redefine strategies to achieve customer centricity and profitability.


Interestingly, the banking industry in South Africa is highly concentrated, with 83% of the industry’s deposits being held by the four largest banks in the region. However, the landscape is changing for banks as they face increasing competition from newly-established banks, digital-first neo-banks, technology-enabled start-ups, and a growing number of retailers offering financial services including credit products. This is forcing incumbent banks to place increasing emphasis on growing customer numbers by offering more innovative products to attract lower-income earners. Many are also exploring opportunities for collaboration with new tech offerings.


‘The Future of Banking in South Africa’ brings together the collective wisdom of eminent and exclusive industry professionals from South Africa and SunTec experts for a thought-provoking engagement that promises to be insightful and perceptive on the way forward.

Key Topics of Discussion


Dynamic Segmentation



Clinton Abbott

Senior Vice President – Head of Product Management
SunTec Business Solutions

Amit Dua

SunTec Business Solutions

Sudheer Padiyar

SVP and Head of EMEA Sales
SunTec Business Solutions