Accelerate Core Transformation with a Joint Solution from SunTec and Luxoft

Enabling banks to deliver contextual and hyper-personalized customer experiences.

SunTec and Luxoft Join Forces to Transform Banking

Banks are grappling with challenges like shifting customer demands, heightened competition, economic upheavals, and strict regulations. The product-centric banking model is no longer effective as it falls short of the personalization goals set by modern banking customers. Customers today expect hyper-personalized offerings and pricing models. And banks must cater to the ‘segment of one’ to not only bring in new customers but also retain them and grow the business.

Adopting innovative strategies and business models is key to acquiring and retaining customers. And to do this, banks require a robust technology foundation that is agile and capable of quickly rolling out customer-centric offerings. This partnership brings together the powerful Luxoft Hogan core platform with SunTec Xelerate as the robust middle layer.

Seamlessly Modernize Mainframes with Newer Applications

Get the modernity and flexibility of the cloud native SunTec Xelerate platform and the dependability of a system like Hogan. Both the Hogan core and the SunTec Xelerate platform are supported by the IBM Z platform to deliver scale, agility, resiliency, performance, and a security-rich environment needed for mission-critical workloads. This enables banks to enhance the capabilities of their core systems and deliver contextual and hyper-personalized customer experience and offerings. 

SunTec Xelerate enhances product management capabilities, enterprise pricing, revenue management, and partner ecosystem management, while Hogan augments functionalities to address the needs of various business segments. Get an agile cross-product layer that spans across multiple lines of business, service lines, and the partner ecosystem.

How Banks Can Benefit from the Partnership

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Streamline Your Pricing Strategies with Hogan External Pricing (HEP) and SunTec Xelerate

Watch the video to enhance your bank’s pricing strategies and elevate customer experience with Luxoft HEP and SunTec Xelerate. Capitalize on relationship-based pricing strategies to segment customers, personalize pricing & offerings, and accelerate your modernization program.