Accelerate your Digital Transformation Journey

Xelerate Digital Core provides an extremely low risk approach for banks to accelerate their Digital transformation journey, without having to replace their functionally stable legacy core systems. Xelerate Digital Core simplifies the process by hollowing out customer engagement functions from the core system and managing it as a horizontal cross-enterprise layer. This layer provides banks with enhanced product innovation capabilities, sophisticated customer data management, partner ecosystem and revenue management and pricing.

With this approach, banks can quickly adopt new technologies, add more functionality and capabilities, offer customized products and enhance the customer experience. The goal is to transition from a product-based to an agile, customer-first organization.

Own the Customer Experience

As a bank, your top priority is to make your customers’ life easier and their banking experience more enjoyable. Needless to say, the needs of your customers should be at the heart of your digital transformation plans.
Xelerate Digital Core provides a unified layer for product innovation & end-to-end product lifecycle management. This allows banks to quickly add four capabilities critical to own the customer experience.

Product Innovation Capabilities

Create unlimited personalized products from your repository as well as external vendors

Customer Data Management

Single view of the customer across products & geographies; can be utilized for any channel

Partner Ecosystem

On-board & manage partners at multiple levels to create the right service bundles for your customers

Revenue Management & Pricing

End-to-end management of catalog, products & offers, definition and revenue management

How does Xelerate Digital Core help Banks?

Xelerate helps banks de-link their digital transformation aspirations from the state of their legacy systems. It provides banks with the agility and flexibility required to make their Digital Transformation plans a success. It even allows banks to bring together different facets of technologies and create new customer experiences. More importantly, Xelerate helps banks to quickly transition from a product-based bank to an agile, customer-first bank.

No Core Replacement

  • Leverage existing robust infrastructure
  • Progressive Transformation
  • Hollow the core approach

Minimize Risk

  • No legacy decommissioning
  • Allows banks to choose transformation path
  • Phased approach

Manage complexity

  • Highly flexible & unified cross-product middle layer
  • End-to-end management of products, offers and revenue

High Agility

  • Helps banks to move to a state-of-the-art application landscape
  • Quickly adopt new technologies, add more functionality and capabilities

Customer Centricity

  • Enable banks to own the customer experience
  • Real-time product bundling & offers

Real-time benefits

  • Manage customer offers & bundles
  • Launch innovative products, offers quickly
  • Reduced time to market

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