Carbon Credit Billing Made Easy with Green ECR

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The business of banking today is rooted in customer centricity and delivering what the customer needs. Banks are also increasingly focusing on ESG as part of their sustainability strategy. Globally, there is a push amongst organizations to rethink their business strategies to enable them to tackle climate change better, reduce their carbon footprint, and work towards ‘Net Zero Emission Goals’.

Green ECR is an innovative way for financial institutions to help their customers achieve their climate-change related objectives and also improve their revenue. This PoV written by Dan Gill, Vice President, Client Facing Group at SunTec Business Solutions, offers insights into why banks must invest in a robust billing and account analysis solution to deploy Green ECR effectively.

In this PoV, learn more about:

  • Green Earnings Credit Rate (Green ECR) and a background on carbon credits
  • Implementing Green ECR using an innovative billing and deposit platform
  • Sample use cases that demonstrate the efficacy of SunTec Account Analysis to offer Green ECR

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