How Banks Can Build Generational Loyalty Through Apps

By Nanda Kumar, Founder & CEO, SunTec Business Solutions
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The business of finance is a crowded one these days. So, how can traditional banks combat their new challengers? Integrating fintechs into traditional banking environments is one solution, although an expensive one. A better long-term solution would be to take a leaf out of the fintech playbook and focus on building generational loyalty instead.

In this PoV, you will discover:

  • How to focus on growing meaningful relationships with younger customers
  • Re-think customer retention and acquisition over the long term
  • Effective ways to build loyalty by leveraging applications

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Nanda Kumar

Nanda Kumar

Nanda Kumar (NK), the Founder & CEO of SunTec Business Solutions (the world’s #1 company for relationship-based pricing and billing), is a pioneer in building customer-centric software-platforms. He single-handedly built India’s first automated billing solution for DoT (Department of Telecom). With an experience of nearly three and a half decades as a technology and business evangelist across industries, NK has helped shape the wave of customer-centric software platforms and solutions for pricing, billing, and product management, particularly in transaction intensive verticals.
An innovator at heart, he holds several patents including a patent for real-time value-chain management, a patent for developing software using the product-application-solution framework, as well as a patent for building system and method for collaborative designing, development, deployment, execution, monitoring and maintenance of enterprise applications.

How Banks Can Build Generational Loyalty Through Apps

Deepen your customer relationships, start with your youngest customers. Here’s how!

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