SunTec Business Solutions Partners with CMG Consulting to Launch an Innovative and Flexible Prepaid Monetization Solution to Help Telcos Attract New Consumer Segments

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This partnership will ensure a faster time-to-market, incremental revenue growth, and maximize profitability for Telcos.

Pittsburgh, USA, December 14, 2021: SunTec Business Solutions today announced its partnership with CMG Consulting to launch SunTec Prepaid Monetization Solution for high-speed data and video providers. Leveraging the Suntec Xelerate platform, this innovative and flexible solution aims to improve service adoption, market penetration, profitability, and enhance customer experience among the unbanked and underbanked segment.

This partnership will enable Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to attract new consumer segments, profitably serving low credit and un /underbanked communities to bridge the digital divide. The Xelerate platform will also enhance the customer experience given the increasing demand for home internet, while monetizing legacy infrastructure and devices with a non-invasive approach. The SunTec Prepaid Monetization Solution can be seamlessly connected with both legacy and next-gen BSS systems.

Nanda Kumar, Founder and CEO at SunTec said, “We are glad to have CMG on board as our consulting partner to address evolving demands of telecom companies. This partnership will empower CSPs to provide seamless customer experiences through SunTec Prepaid Monetization Solution. It will ensure a de-risked approach for CSPs entering the prepaid high speed data market, by leveraging the best practices from both a technology and business operations perspective. Our complimentary set of expertise will ensure faster time-to-market, incremental revenue growth and maximum profitability for our clients. This is made possible without disturbing the existing IT ecosystem.”

Mark Chinn, Partner at CMG said, “We look forward to this partnership with SunTec that will empower service providers to increase market penetration and drive revenue growth by ensuring smart segmentation of the low credit, underbanked portion of the market. The solution is a ‘noninvasive’ approach that does not disturb legacy billing and IT systems and will ensure quick rollout of prepaid plans, simplify monthly statements with enhanced transparency, monetize existing services, reduce the cost of operations, and ultimately ensure a positive customer experience.”

SunTec is the first product company to successfully launch and quickly adapt its Xelerate technology platform to the prepaid requirements of a Tier 1 MSO in North America. CMG offers the end-to-end strategy, planning, and go-to-market execution with experience and expertise in prepaid segmentation, marketing, distribution, product, and pricing.

SunTec Prepaid Monetization Solution can be deployed on premise or in the cloud. With this solution, CSPs can capitalize on a productized and agile platform to effectively transform, optimize, and grow the prepaid market, creating a win-win situation for service providers as well as customers.

About SunTec:

SunTec is the world’s No. 1 pricing and billing company that creates value for enterprises through its Cloud-based products. More than 130 clients in 45+ countries rely on SunTec to provide hyper-personalized products, offers, pricing, loyalty programs, tax compliance, and billing for over 400 million end-customers. SunTec products are based on our cloud-native and cloud-agnostic, API first, micro-services-based proprietary platform, Xelerate and are delivered on-premise, on private cloud and as SaaS. SunTec has global operations including the USA, UK, Germany, UAE, Singapore, Canada, Australia.

About CMG:

CMG was founded in 1998 with a simple mission: help clients grow through a unique combination of thoughtful strategy and sharp execution.  CMG has led category-changing marketing strategies with clients from Fortune 50 powerhouses to startup ventures across numerous industries, including communications, technology, life sciences, healthcare, financial services, and consumer goods.  Our delivery above and beyond what our clients expect is key to upholding our client promise of “potential realized”.  We have continued to evolve as our clients tackle new challenges and opportunities, as CMG’s own growth enables value delivery across new industries, practice areas, and in all forms of business consulting.

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