SunTec Confluence Dubai Highlights Critical Need for elevating Customer Experience through Digital Transformation

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SunTec Confluence Dubai Highlights Critical Need for elevating Customer Experience

Focus on Hollowing the Core and Hyper Personalizing the Customer Engagement Layer

Trivandrum, India, 20 March 2019: – SunTec, the leader in relationship-based pricing and customer experience orchestration, hosted its flagship event, ‘SunTec Confluence’ in Dubai from 12-14th March 2019. The 3-day event was hosted in Palazzo Versace Dubai, one of the world’s only two Versace owned hotels, near the scenic Dubai Creek and now the world’s topmost digital city.

The theme for this year’s Confluence was “Digital at the Core”, an essential strategy in today’s world, as leading organizations seek to digitally transform, modernize their legacy systems and build a new core that is intelligent, immersive, integrated and invisible – one that can help in creating highly personalized customer experiences.

The event highlight was the keynote address by Brett King, a highly acclaimed influencer in financial services, award-winning speaker, co-founder and CEO of Moven. As a futurist, he visualized how four major trends – Artificial Intelligence, Voice based Artificial Intelligence, Smart Glasses and Machine Learning – are changing the ecosystem dynamics and how these will need to be embedded in customer experience journeys across industries like banking, telecom, and retail.

The second day opened to an eagerly awaited session hosted by Jost Hopperman, Vice President, Forrester Research on “The New High Ground – The Digital Core”. This set the tone for the next two days with interesting sessions.

Nanda Kumar, CEO of SunTec, talked about the ever-pervasive effects of Industry 4.0. He stressed upon the need for organizations to understand and embrace the ‘basic human-needs’ driven approach if they want to succeed in today’s digital world.

To know more about being Digital at the Core, please feel free to visit: SunTec Digital Core page –

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At SunTec Business Solutions, we help our clients increase the lifetime value of their customer relationships through effective revenue management and real-time customer experience orchestration. We are the leading provider of experience orchestration solutions not only to financial services but also digital and communications services industries. With a legacy of deployments in 40+ countries, SunTec is a trusted partner of the world’s leading banks and digital and communication service providers. Headquartered in India, we have our offices in USA, UK, Germany, UAE and Singapore.

With a team of highly skilled folks and our highly innovative product development models, we help our clients to always remain at the cutting edge of technology. A stable, mature and flexible product suite, Xelerate is benchmarked regularly for optimum performance. Coupled with insights from our industry experts and a robust future-ready roadmap, Xelerate continues to develop along with the market. Able to seamlessly integrate with any ecosystem, it is one of the fastest products to implement.

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