Creating Value in a Volatile World

In collaboration with Feedback Insights

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Since early 2020, the world has faced a series of events that have directly contributed to an increase in economic volatility and uncertainty. There have also been significant shifts in customer behavior, regulatory policies, and other such factors. Impact has varied by industry, geographic region and even size of the company.

To get an objective view of what factors are shaping the future, their relative importance and what leaders see as their transformation priorities, we commissioned a survey across North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East. More than 300 senior executives (VPs, SVPs, CxOs/Presidents) from banking, telecom and insurance companies shared their views on the factors that caused business volatility, their business objectives for the next two years, emerging industry-specific trends and their priorities for business transformation.

61% of insurance companies reported “considerable volatility”; 42% of banking executives and 48% of telecom industry respondents reported that their business was “somewhat volatile.”

Why should you get this report?

The report findings will enable you to formulate strategies and action plans to enhance organizational resilience and embrace a less volatile future. Discover:

  • Top drivers of business volatility
  • Business objectives over the next 12 months and what’s needed to achieve these objectives?
  • Strategic imperatives that emerged from the survey
  • Business transformational priorities in the years ahead

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