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3 Keys to Building Memorable Banking Experiences

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To succeed in today’s highly competitive environment, banks will have to re-think their customer experience (CX) strategy to truly engage customers and gain their trust. With customer behavior changing dramatically since the onset of COVID—19, banks must pause, reflect, and re-examine their approach to customer experience, making it an integral part of their growth strategy.

Banks must understand each customer’s unique needs, channel use, and daily activities, offering real-time value propositions in the form of personalized products and services. This will help increase the lifetime value of customers.

This exclusive roundtable discussion offers an ideal platform for industry leaders to share their experience and insights. The forum will delve into three crucial facets of customer experience that helps drive success.

Key topics of the roundtable include:

  • What customer experience means from a channel, point of interaction and service delivery point of view
  • How banks can make customer experience personal and contextual
  • How to monetize exceptional customer experiences

Watch the Webinar

Durations: 90 minutes


Jim Marous
Stephen Schroth
Derik Farrar
Peter Eliopoulos