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Building a resilient retail banking distribution strategy

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Historically branches played a pivotal role in customer acquisition, brand building and managing customer relationship. But with Covid-19, there is a sharp decline in branch traffic and that may not change soon. Banks must build a resilient, agile distribution and servicing model to enhance customer experience and ensure that social distancing, evolving banking behaviors and the pandemic do not inhibit the ability to grow deposits, service customers and expand wallet share.

Simon-Kucher & Partners recently conducted a very extensive research on Covid-19’s impact on customer behavior towards branch and digital banking especially on their preferences in account opening, bank switching and primary banking relationships. In this webinar, experts from Simon Kucher & Partners and SunTec Business Solutions will share key insights about the research, impact of changing distribution models and how to improve customer experience and drive growth.

Key Takeaways

  • Evolving role of branch banking and digital banking
  • Customers’ expectations on digital banking
  • Right mix of digital and branch banking
  • How digital banking enhances customer experience through choice & transparency
  • Importance of holistic customer experience in driving growth

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