Driving Sustainable Ecosystems with Banking-as-a-Service

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The banking industry has seen popular trends such as BNPL, online wallets, and hyper-personalization, to name a few. And customers are the ones who are driving the scale of these trends with their demands and expectations from service providers. ‘Context’ is everything to customers. The closer a service provider is to understanding their needs and targeting their solutions accordingly, the better they can deliver contextual CX.

Banking is not just ‘one’ industry anymore. With ecosystem-driven business models and the API economy on the rise, Banking-as-a-Service has paved the way for banks to go beyond traditional offerings through collaboration and partnerships with fintechs, and other service providers.

Watch this on-demand webinar to hear industry leaders discuss about:

  • What is BaaS and how it enables the delivery of services within an ecosystem?
  • What’s the role of a BaaS enabler and a BaaS distributor in an ecosystem?
  • Will BaaS foster coopetition or competition between banks and fintechs?
  • Insights into industry examples that outline how BaaS is becoming a gamechanger for banks, third-party service providers, and customer themselves

Watch the Webinar

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