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Reinforcing Trust and Enhancing Fairness with Transparency and Personalised Engagement

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Banks today are scrambling to meet challenges raised by the current crisis with a number of customer centric initiatives from waived fees, deferred mortgage instalments, increase focus on digital enablement, etc. It is becoming obvious that business as they used to function earlier, will no longer be the norm going forward. Banks would need to think beyond the immediate situation and plan for the medium to long term and prepare for the new normal.

Apart from thinking beyond current models to retain customers, increase loyalty and drive efficiency, banks should also look at leveraging their digitalization and automation capabilities. Using this as a means to driving personalized solutions and bringing focus on key areas like transparency, choice, and personalization would lead to increased customer engagement.

Key Takeaways:

  • Know more about why customer trust and retention are essential in this new normal.
  • Understand what challenges banks face in delivering customer centric initiatives and how they are leveraging technology to empower customers.
  • How are some of the world’s leading banks using customer empathy as means to  focusing to retain their customer base, increase loyalty and drive growth.
  • What are some of the business models and frameworks you can adopt to become truly customer-centric leveraging digitalization, and automation.

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Debashis Kar
Debashis Kar
Debashis Kar is the Director of Pricing and Billing for HSBC. He heads this function of GLCM globally and is responsible for ensuring pricing fairness and transparency through the bank’s governance policies, systems and structures for all GLCM products and services. He has worked with major banks in UK and USA in a variety of roles across different transaction banking product areas. He is passionate about delivering compelling propositions for customers that drive sustainable revenue through cost and value-based pricing strategies.
Dr. Thomas L. Hager
Dr. Thomas L. Hager
Dr. Thomas L. Hager is the Vice President of Banking & Financial Markets Europe. He currently leads this segment for IBM across Europe, supporting both the day to day client operations as well as initiating and collaborating with them on profound transformational activities. Prior to this role, Dr. Thomas led platform business development in banking and financial markets and served as Managing Director for large global Banks, Wealth Managers and FIs including, Deutsche Bank, Bank of China and UBS. Watch the webinar First Name* 0 of 30 max characters Last Name* 0 of 30 max characters Business Email* Organization* 0 of 250 max characters Designation* Region* To subscribe and receive future communication from SunTec, tick the box CAPTCHA