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The Art of Strategic Futures

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As a society the education system, the organizational system and the cultural system are all addicted to certainty. However, in times of uncertainty seeking comfort and certainty is a dangerous place to be in.

In this session, we bring together the culmination of the science of change and technological change, which is a powerful combination. How can organizations think not just about the future, but also evolve into this future?

In this on-demand webinar, John Sanei, Author and Singularity Faculty Member, speaks about:

  • What is keeping organizations from evolving
  • The paradigm shifts that affect businesses in the most fundamental way
  • How to set up organizational future forward structures

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John Sanei
John Sanei
John Sanei is a world-renowned keynote speaker, futures strategist, lecturer, best-selling author, and your guide to future trends and visionary leadership. With a knack for sharing knowledge and creating connections, John’s path lies at the intersection of human science, neuroscience, quantum technology, futurism, and business strategy. He decodes future trends, ignites ideas, connects with crowds and leaves an empowering perspective that lasts long after he’s left the stage. John’s keynote talks and masterclasses have taken him around the world and earned global recognition. He is Africa’s first Singularity University Faculty Member, a lecturer at Duke Corporate Education, and an Associate Partner at the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies. John stays on top of future trends by publishing a new book every year and his fifth book, Who Do We Become? is launching in July 2022. When he’s not inspiring audiences, John’s convincing his friends, family and fans to adopt abandoned dogs. You can find John on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or tune in to his critically acclaimed podcast – The Expansive Podcast.