11-14 October 2021
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We’re delighted to be at Sibos this year. This year’s theme explores ‘Recharging Global Finance’ through digital acceleration, technological innovation, managing risk and greater diversity and sustainability.

Talk to us and know more about how our technology solutions have helped our clients from across 45 countries to be more customer-centric. We’d love to have a conversation with you.

Why Visit Our Booth?

Discover how our award-winning products and solutions can help you exponentially increase revenue and deliver exceptional customer experience.
Solve your customers’ challenges with personalization solutions to create customized experiences and deliver true value.
Explore how you can leverage customer insights better to offer relationship-based pricing, rewards, offers and more.
Meet customer lifecycle needs by seamlessly integrating with partners and manage and monetize your ecosystems.

So, think no more, and become a customer-driven organization today! Meet our leaders at our booth.

Meet our Leaders

Nanda Kumar

Founder & CEO of SunTec Business Solutions

Amit Dua

President and Global Head – Client Facing Group at SunTec Business Solutions


President and Global Head – Demand Fulfillment Group at SunTec Business Solutions

Michael Yesudas

Chief Technology Officer at SunTec Business Solutions

Venkatesh SG

Senior Vice President & Head of Customer Success Group at SunTec Business Solutions

Sudheer Padiyar

Senior Vice President, Sales – EMEA at SunTec Business Solutions

Nanda Kumar Sreedharan

Senior Vice President, Sales – Americas at SunTec Business Solutions

Arun Kini

Vice President, Sales – APAC at SunTec Business Solutions


Customers lie at the heart of every organizational strategy today. They not only demand greater control over their relationship with the organization, but also determine the success of an organization.
For many years, businesses have been gathering information about their customers to get closer to the customer and better understand their needs, expectations, and preferences.
In this period of turmoil, corporate treasurers find it more important than ever to express what products, solutions, and services they want from their banks.

How Banks Can Build Generational Loyalty Through Apps

Deepen your customer relationships, start with your youngest customers. Here’s how!

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