Come meet us at Money 20/20, Las Vegas

October 23 – 26, 2022

Booth No.: 4304

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Today banks are using BaaS platforms to build deeper relationships with customers and become the one-stop-shop that offers both financial and non-financial products and services that are aligned to customer needs.

With customers demanding integrated experiences and the future of banking becoming open, banking leaders must rethink customer value creation and build an integrated experience with a host of offerings that are ‘right’ for customers. To make this possible, having the right technology foundation is key.

We will be in Las Vegas for Money 20/20! Drop by our booth 4304 to discover how we enable BaaS and learn how SunTec Banking-as-a-Service can make you a value enabler, creator, and aggregator.

Come, discover how we enable BaaS for different players in the BaaS value chain


Cater to new customer segments without acquisition costs and roll out innovative product offerings by co-innovation powered by multiple partnerships with enablers and distributors.


Ensure effective multi-party stakeholder management across banks and distributors with better value management and the scope to build new commercial engagements with distributors.


Deliver personalized CX, achieve greater customer retention and roll out rewards and offerings that customers resonate with.

So, think no more, and become a customer-driven organization today! Meet our leaders at our booth.

Meet our Leaders

Amit Dua

SunTec Business Solutions

Nanda Kumar Sreedharan

Senior Vice President, Sales – Americas

Samuel Davidowitz

Director of Sales and Engagement Management

Nikhil Manchanda

Senior Consultant


The onset of BaaS has broadened the scope of banks becoming a part of larger ecosystems from the ones they typically operate in. 

With the rise of an API economy, Banking-as-a-Service is gaining traction, making banks rethink the kind of customer experience they can deliver. 

Changing customer expectations have had a significant impact on the banking sector. Customers want contextual, hyper-personalized, integrated banking experiences and on-demand access to banking services.
A decade ago, the possibility of a non-banking organization offering banking services was unthinkable. Today it is a reality that is being actively explored by even the most traditional of banks.