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Lead the transformation with customer centricity

Traditional banking strategy was built around products. The new wave places the customer at the heart of its philosophy. Xelerate® helps you shift gears by bringing the ability needed to understand customer preferences and deliver value across the engagement lifecycle.

Result: increased sales conversions, as customers experience value-based transactions. Gain not just mindshare, but also greater wallet shares, by cross-selling and up-selling offers. Exceptional product, offers, and customer management capabilities, that design the best deal at the right time, for the right customer. The ultimate gain: stellar customer lifetime value.

Integrate and innovate; reduce the risk of failure

To deepen market reach and create new revenue streams, banks must innovate. Not in old, isolated ways. But with a fail-smart approach that integrates vital data from different sources, and presents a clear picture of risks and opportunities. Just what Xelerate® lets you do.

Result: holistic customer, product, and pricing information, that drives informed decision making. Smart analytics help mitigate risks. With all necessary data at your fingertips, launching new, targeted offers or creating product bundles is possible. Easily. Quickly.

Enable growth along with compliance

Regulatory expectations today cover almost all aspects of your bank’s operations. Guidelines for processes and tools are stricter. And overall, there’s increased accountability. Driving growth while meeting such requirements is tough. But Xelerate® can help do both.

Result: streamlined, efficient processes across the customer and product lifecycle. Consistent access to consolidated data about transactions and pricing. Meet the need of your customers and regulators for transparency. Improve trust. After all, the decisions that fuel your business’s growth, will be backed by sharp data.

Simplify yet strengthen product management

The customer-centricity wave asks banks to align product management with customer needs. But information silos across the organization pose hurdles. Making the product lifecycle – from creation to delivery and fulfillment – cost, effort, and risk heavy. Xelerate® simplifies it all.

Result: complete visibility across the product lifecycle through a centralised catalogue that houses all relevant data. No more product duplications. Faster ideation to launch processes. Reduced cost of product innovation and greater chances of success.

Increased customer loyalty through personalised products

Rapidly changing customer preferences seek equally rapid responses from financial institutions. A business enabler in this scenario – your ability to create and offer contextual products. Xelerate® brings you this advantage, supporting swift and targeted reach of  different customer segments.

Result: greater market agility as you use contextual insights to design dynamic offers, create innovative product bundles, and meet customers at their moment of need. Better engagement with context-based and relationship-based pricing. Overall, superior experience for customers. Increased loyalty for you.

Improve market coverage and boost revenues

It’s the era of big data. It challenges a bank’s ability to manage the volume and variety of information. But also presents opportunities to mine it for key inputs that inform decision making. Xelerate® brings advanced analytics to translate data into meaningful insights – about customers, products, and offers.

Impact: valuable cues guide you to make quicker but better decisions. Enabling product management that improves market coverage and reduces instances of failure. While customer behaviour insights reveal opportunities for more targeted and relevant solutions, that add to your earnings.

Improve performance with smart decisions

The profitability of your operations is largely dependent on the decisions you make. Be it about launching new products. Strengthening customer trust. Or adding new channels of interaction. Reliable information and high-quality insights are a must to drive sound decisions. And Xelerate® brings this to you.

Result: get a clear view of the health of your products and customer portfolios; monitor their performance in real-time. Improve profitability of your business by reducing leakages across the value chain, and ensuring uniform efficiency. Enhanced revenue, achieved.

Orchestrate an omni-channel, consistent experience

Getting a handle over granular customer and offering insights is the goal of every business head. That’s the first step in designing any high-value customer experience. The added challenge is to deliver that value across channels, to gain maximum customer segment coverage. And Xelerate® does that.

Result: effectively manage products, offers, and customers in an omni-channel environment. With a clear view of gains and losses. Tweak your interactions based on demands of each channel, and discover new business opportunities.

Curate a collaborative customer experience, across product lines

Banks rarely operate in isolation, considering the global market and segments they target. Hence, to gain competitive agility, collaborating with other service providers is imperative. It meets more customer demands, and generates a wider range of value propositions for the bank. Our product suite supports such collaborations.

Result: get capabilities to bring together third party vendors in a complementary way. Gain complete insight into the performance and offerings off all stakeholders. Orchestrate a customer experience that highlights the best of your services and processes, while exploring new market possibilities.

Gain operational efficiency; stay agile

To capture emerging opportunities, banks need to transform their traditional infrastructure. The challenges: not just cost, but business disruptions too. Xelerate® is built on a technology agnostic platform, that eases into legacy systems.

Result: enhanced capabilities with minimal disruption. Xelerate® is simple to configure and adaptable to meet complex business requirements. It is designed to scale, and reduces leakages at physical and virtual touch points with all the players within the ecosystem. Thus, level-up your performance and manage new age service deployment. With efficiency and ease.

Get IT to deliver a competitive edge

As many aspects of traditional banking get e-enabled, your technology platforms have the potential to be your business differentiators. Xelerate® fits right in. Supporting superior product and service delivery, at reduced costs.

Result: manage customers, products, and offers across their lifecycle. Create and deliver seamless multi-channel experiences. Improve operational agility, across geographies. Access a host of benefits. All through our single product suite. Moreover, we’re continuously making Xelerate® better, for your advantage.

Stay compliant, build brand worth

Since the financial downturn, regulatory pressures on financial institutions have risen. And customer trust dropped. Banks can better cater to both. With quick and timely access to reliable, consolidated data. Allow Xelerate® to deliver this.

Result: automated operations coupled with transparency. Better quality of data for analytics and reporting. Effortless responses to information requests from customers across regional, local, and global operations. All of which add to your credibility and improve brand worth.

Turn customer centricity into your business ally

The financial services industry is steadily building its operations around the customer. It will soon be a business imperative. And your enterprise needs to embrace it today. Xelerate® is designed to orchestrate powerful value based experiences for your customers, cutting across channels and products. Deploy it to your advantage.

Result: seamless customer experiences via connected touchpoints for sales and services. Reduced value leakages help you own the ecosystem. Rightly priced products and offers, based on real-time customer behavior inputs. All of which lead to deeper and mutually rewarding relationships with customers.

Improve acquisition and retention with market agility

A pressing need for today’s banks: lower the cost and time to acquire customers. And retain them through innovative means. Xelerate® serves both these needs. It creates a holistic picture of your customers’ relationship with your bank, providing cues on products and offers that match their profile.

Result: launch products faster, with analytics to decode the risks. With such market agility, standing out in a crowded business landscape is easy. Managing customer expectations, just became easier.

Employ the power of analytics to gain competitive advantage

Fluid markets. Increasing customer expectations. Stiffer competition. To shape a positive response to such factors, banks need the advantage of insights. Just what Xelerate® brings. It provides a real-time, complete view of customer data, transactions, and products, along with analytical capabilities to highlight opportunities and risks.

Result: tapping into such intelligence, you can steer and not just respond to market changes. Gather valuable cues to launch new services. Facilitate product innovation. And prompt impeccable customer service. Advantages which add up to sharpen your competitive edge.

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