Driving Sustainable Ecosystems with BaaS

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Banking is not just ‘one’ industry anymore. With ecosystem-driven business models and the API economy on the rise, Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) has paved the way for banks to go beyond traditional offerings through collaboration and partnerships with fintechs and other service providers. In this podcast, discover how BaaS enables the delivery of services within an ecosystem, get a glimpse of the different players in the BaaS value chain and how to drive ecosystems sustainably.

Moderated by Amit Dua, President, SunTec Business Solutions, this discussion from SunTec Confluence 2022 includes Pat Nuzzo, Executive Vice President, Head of Commercial Liquidity Management, Citizens Commercial Banking, Likhit Wagle, Managing Partner, Financial Services, IBM Consulting EMEA, and Steven Reiter, Managing Director, Ernst and Young.

Duration: 16:32 minutes


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