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Explore the dimensions of customer-centricity with digital ecosystems!

Building a Customer-Driven Bank with Digital Ecosystems!

Here’s a curation of articles on open banking. Discover key insights covering pricing for the open banking economy, value creation- to compete or collaborate, and a lot more.

Pricing in Banks: The Key to Delivering Exponential Value

Discover how pricing plays a crucial role when formulating strategies and plans to deliver customer centricity and superior customer experience journeys.

In this Point of View, you will discover:

  • Why right pricing is the hero for banks?
  • Four distinct areas to focus on to ensure contextual pricing
  • The role of technology to boost pricing ability and agility

Deliver Superior Customer Experience with the Right Insights!

In this whitepaper, you will:

  • Discover a culture that encourages insight-driven thinking and action, with the right expertise and technological capabilities
  • Gain insights that drive business performance using data
  • Get tips to make your organization customer ready!

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Insights to Build a Customer-centric Business

The emerging Buy Now Pay Later trend is the latest disruption in the once staid banking and financial services sector.
The world of banking was changing rapidly even before the pandemic hit. Customers wanted a different banking experience and fintechs were ready with their tech powered innovative offerings.
A leading Asian bank wanted to modernize its pricing models to keep pace with their modern digitally savvy customers in its retail banking division.
Today, banking is not restricted to physical bank branches and banking services are not limited to mere financial transactions.
At a time when the banking sector is reeling from unrelenting competition, and unprecedented disruption, banks must focus on profitability and improved revenue margins.
Explore the nuances of e-invoicing for KSA and understand how financial institutions in the KSA can deploy a robust e-invoicing solution.
With more and more challenger banks and fintech providers battling for the attention of consumers, it is a pivotal time in traditional banking history.
The pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation journey as banks are increasingly shifting their focus on customer experience.

Find Industry Solutions that Deliver Value

Keep pace with evolving customer needs and the changing business landscape. Now effectively transform your customer experience with our solutions.
Lead the way and add new revenue streams for your telcom business with Xelerate’s powerful intelligence layer. Manage products, billing, and pricing seamlessly, thereby delivering an impactful customer experience.
Already have existing infrastructure in place? No worries! Let Xelerate help you create multiple monetization opportunities on a single platform.
You’ve come to the right place to redefine your insurance business with a strategic approach. We’ve got the solutions to all your questions about tackling revenue leakages, contextually personalizing your product offerings and more!


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System Integrators

SunTec works very closely with system integrators who provide value added services to our customers. Our system integrators have certified resources who design custom solutions based on the award winning Xelerate platform and help deploy and manage the same for our customers. To see a list of our certified system integrator partners, click here.

Consulting Partners

SunTec has deep relationships with consulting partners to enable our customers shape future strategy towards disruption and competitive advantage. Our consulting partners, with their deep understanding of Xelerate, are able to effectively help customers navigate towards exponential revenue growth by leveraging the Xelerate platform. To see a list of our consulting partners, click here.

ISV & Cloud Partners

SunTec has a large ecosystem of ISV & cloud partners who add business and technology functionality to Xelerate. These partners bring tremendous complementary value to our customers who are using or are actively considering Xelerate for their billing and revenue solutions. To see a list of our ISV & cloud partners, click here.

Discover why “Pricing” will be your hero to deliver superior customer experience journeys.

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