How? By putting the customer at the center!

Why is customer centricity important?

You are engaging with a customer base that is deeply aware of its needs, and tuned into opportunities for fulfilling them. We help you become their preferred partner by giving you a 360⁰ view of their behaviours and preferences. So you can personalise all interactions – from acquisition till offer fulfillment  – and reach the right customer, at the right time, and with the right products.

The result. Business agility. Increased RoI. Loyal network. Our unique approach to customer centricity makes your business opportunity ready and lets you deliver the value customers seek.

Here’s the business impact of customer centricity

Exceptional customer experience orchestration. Through innovative solutions.

Use Xelerate® to integrate and personalise your services. Create a high performing customer experience. One of the largest banks in Germany with 16 million customers did so.


Legacy systems hindered a European bank in delivering personalised services to their 16 million customers. SunTec helped overcome this challenge while working with the legacy systems.


The changing customer landscape challenges banks to refine their offerings around each customer with a high level of granularity. But information silos across the organisation immobilises banks.


SunTec enabled the client to overturn its legacy processes and improve client relationships. Administration of complex fee computations were made easier and time frame reduced from 8 days to 1 day.

Personalize each offer for your customers. It’s possible.

Design swift and effective solutions for your customers, based on a 360⁰ view of their interactions. Optimise the value of each transaction, mitigate risks with ease. Just by using Xelerate®.


Offer management has become critical as institutions seek to abandon the traditional transaction-focused models and differentiate themselves from the competitors by catering to evolving needs of customers.


Across the economy, companies have been trying for decades to achieve mass customisation – the cost-effective provision of products and services that are tailored to the exact needs of customers.


Xelerate® enabled the client to overturn its legacy process and helped improve client relationships. Administration of complex fee computations were made easier and the computation time reduced from 8 days to 1.


Xelerate®, our award winning product suite, brings a holistic approach to customer experience orchestration.

Create real-time, innovative, and personalised offerings. Improve profitability by pre-empting and managing risks. This, while applying intelligent analytics that help understand customers, and orchestrate value driven transactions. Our consistent R&D initiatives keep the product suite relevant and fresh. So you can stay agile and a step ahead of competition. Leading global banks, who have relied on us, will vouch for this.

Hear what some of our clients have to say

300 million
end customers

15 billion
successful transactions

45 countries
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