Through effective customer-centric pricing, product innovation,

and real-time customer engagement orchestration!



You are engaging with a customer base that is deeply aware of its needs and tuned into opportunities for fulfilling them. The digitally transformed customer demands to be treated as unique, and is looking for value in every interaction.
SunTec™, a pioneer and market leader in relationship-based pricing, has been a trusted partner for leading global enterprises in delivering value-based customer engagement orchestration and enterprise revenue management.

SunTec, through Xelerate®, helps you deliver value in every interaction by bringing in the intelligence and agility required to treat every customer as unique. This it achieves through dynamic customer segmentation, product innovation, customer-centric pricing, error-free billing, and therefore hyper-personalisation. It empowers you to drive customer wallet share by extending your value proposition beyond core offerings and therefore delivering experiences across the customer value chain. All this while increasing your margins through effective revenue management that supports constant business model evolution.

The result. Business Transformation Agility. Relation Based Pricing. Product Innovation. Pricing Innovation. Customer Engagement Value. Enterprise Value Chain Management. Enterprise Profitability.



Business Impact

Maximise profitability with effective revenue management

With enterprises like yours working towards growth maximisation, SunTec makes it possible through its relationship-based pricing and revenue management engine. Xelerate’s robust pricing framework and enterprise billing capabilities, powered by analytics based simulators, enables enterprises like yours drive customer centricity, transparency and trust. The final outcome – personalised engagements, maximised revenues and minimised revenue leakages. The partner revenue management abilities act as additional supplement, by enabling you to adopt newer revenue models and further drive up revenues.

Achieve true transformation through product innovation agility

With enterprise legacy systems retarding the pace of innovation required in the digital economy, Xelerate from SunTec empowers enterprises like yours to drive transformation through product innovation in true sense. It enables need-based product design with the ability to preempt customer requirements in real-time,  and create unlimited business product and service variations, from base versions at the core. It allows for consistent and personalised experiences across various customer touch points thereby ensuring time to market and effective transformation.

Drive customer wallet share and newer revenue channels

Customers being empowered with too many choices, churn rates are at an all-time high and acquiring new customers even more challenging. SunTec enables you to drive up customer loyalty and acquisition rates with the ability to dynamically segment customers and craft hyper-personalised offers in real-time. It maximises customer wallet share through loyalty-based rewards, cross-sell and up-sell of products. It enables extended portfolios, that cater to end-to-end customer value chains, through co-innovation partnerships, thereby opening up newer revenue streams and income growth for your enterprise. The ability to innovate on pricing plans and revenue models, based on customer and partner behavior, further adds up as an icing on the cake.


Xelerate®, our award winning product suite, brings a holistic approach to customer engagement orchestration.

Create real-time, innovative, and personalised offerings. Improve profitability by pre-empting and managing risks. This, while applying intelligent analytics that help understand customers, and orchestrate value driven transactions. Our consistent R&D initiatives keep the product suite relevant and fresh. So you can stay agile and a step ahead of competition. Leading global banks, who have relied on us, will vouch for this.

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